Directory Info

Welcome back Willow Creek Parents!

The Willow Creek PTO uses A-to-Z Directory to manage our membership database and create our school directory. This year, every family that completes or updates their information will receive a directory for FREE!

The directory is a great tool for socializing outside of school. They contain class lists, approved phone numbers, approved email addresses and other important school information right at your fingers.

Please note there is NO FEE to become part of the PTO. Your information will only be used by the PTO to compile our directory (if you elect to publish your information) and to communicate about school related events. Just because you join, does not mean you have to volunteer!

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Back for another awesome year?

If you are returning to Willow Creek, keep an eye on your email. We’ll be sending you a personalized secure link to update your information soon.  If you do not receive an email, simply click the New to Willow Creek above to update your information.

Please contact the PTO at with any questions.