About Us

As a team, the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) works tirelessly to ensure that our children receive a great education in a fun and nurturing environment. Our first role as parents is, of course, our children; and, the more involved we are, the more influence we have in creating a great educational experience for them. There is no greater reward than seeing a smile on a child’s face as a result of our efforts!

Your participation in the PTO as a Committee Chair, a Committee Volunteer, or a PTO Board Member allows you to get to know the staff at the school, and become more knowledgeable about how our school operates. It gives you an opportunity to work in partnership with the school administration to make our school unique.

So we welcome and encourage you to join in the PTO and support our many activites.

As with all PTOs, one of our major objectives is to raise the necessary funds to support our school. We ask for your generous donations through your participation in our two major fundraisers, Trick or Treat at the Creek in the Fall, and our upcoming Spring Fundraiser. The money we raise through our fund raising activities goes towards the school’s evolving needs to help better the experience for each and every child.

Check the calendar for all future PTO meeting dates and times.